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Roberto Zarate Bio


Hello folks!             

Old Life New Life is my humanistic project to raise awareness, affirms my ability and ethical compromise of leading individuals to the fulfillment of life with purpose.

"Life Coaching" is a process of assessing priorities for individuals or groups examining the complete conditioning. Also, identifying deletions created in forms of generalizations.
When a new neurological pathway shows up a challenge, it is usually a concealed obstacle.

An essential step during the process is to promote all personal desires or business projects to the stage of cognitive resolution. "Call To Action" is the most crucial step of the transition to the productive and creative "State of Mind."

My professional career has covered many different fields:
-Unites States Coast Guard ship captain.
- Studies of political science and international relations at Florida International University.
-Secretary of a psychoanalytic school in Miami, Florida.
-Enterprise software engineer for Microsoft, Cisco, and Amazon Web Services (AWS).
-Corporate leadership and sales trainer, team coordination instructor.




Moreover, I was born in Argentina and raised in the USA, the son of a school teacher, father of three daughters, and grandpa of Pietro and Zara.

I have inherited some models of my mother's practical skills, but my imagination inspired me to work on my "Limiting Beliefs." Understanding clearly that "Good or Bad luck" is always right around the corner, while success is a majestic creation of the human mind.

Indeed, I'm an inspired educator, a qualified trainer of (NLP) neuro-linguistic programming, and (AH) advanced hypnosis with special attention on creative visualizations for personal development and business strategies. I have selected a few words as guiding principles in my life to keep myself grounded and focused: 

Inspire, Dream, and Grow… 

Finally, I live in Sunny Isles Beach with a lot of musical instruments, plants, four computers, nautical charts, and many (e) books.




An important message, I want to state clearly that a coaching-training session is not a substitution of professional medical advice. I'm not a medical doctor or psychologist: I can't, and I won't diagnose, prescribe, or treat medical conditions or severe disorders.
Always, always, always consult your physician or licensed professional for treatment and therapy of a new or old illness.

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