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Episode 001- NLP and Modern Hypnosis Intro- Spanglish-

December 12th, 2019
Notes for this episode 
-91% del programa hablado en Español-  
Intro Paragraph:
Old Life New Life is my humanistic project to focus on human spiritual awareness teaching Neurolinguistic Programing and Modern Hypnosis in Spanglish.
The creation of the bilingual teaching model to preserve the source of the concepts and expand them other languages. More languages are coming up...
Show Timeline: 
  • Synapses and Synopsis discussion < important topic > [01:59]

  • The story of creating and designing an interdisciplinary model [05:05]

  • Distinction and use of "Siglas en Español" or acronyms in English [09:40]

  • Modern Hypnosis intro [12:59]

  • Housekeeping, contact the host, get your LIFE CONTRACT in PDF [16:00]

  • Neuroplasticity exercise, "Patrones Secuenciales del Pensamiento" [17:45]

  • Significant quote [21:26]

Significant quotes: 
"Cual es tu mayor talento o destreza, y cómo lo usarías para el beneficio de otros?" [21:26]
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