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 NLP & Modern Hypnosis Training

Life Coaching is a profession that is completely different from counseling, advising, or therapy. The coaching process examines a safe ground for individuals to elaborate on accountability and challenges from the person's perspective (own model of the world). Within their initiative, they can establish what is going on right now. Unpacking their obstacles or challenges allows them to formulate a course of action to help them achieve the things they want in life. Life coaching offers the person a simple process to identify their core values (what's important to them).
Working on identity values is a simple step by step process that enables them to make wiser choices and ultimately creates a more productive, balanced, and fulfilling life.

 Evolution of NLP Multilingual Model 

The diagram below shows the model of interaction of NLP that I developed lately for coaching-training individuals and businesses. 

NLP Rapport is entering someone else’s model of the world, which is the sense of “being in touch” with another person. During the construction of “rapport,” the use of multilingual patterns (in the native language of the subject) is essential to remove additional meanings. 

Evolution NLP is continuously expanding. At this point: this “Multilingual” model is English, Spanish, and Portuguese. 



The proper use of our representational systems helps us to recognize the powerful effects on behaviors and internal states. These are the systems we use to take in information about the world around us.
I'm referring to our five senses:
Kinesthetic (touch and feelings)
Gustatory (taste)
Olfactory (smell).
Mostly, one of these systems will tend to dominate and be the primary representational system. By functional necessity, they delete and distort the information taken, creating the internal map that roughly illustrates a "real" world for humans.

We should maintain a flexible approach.

We often hear phrases saying that "knowledge is power."
However, it is also true that knowledge is useless power when left in a passive reservoir.
The well-known Call to Action (CTA) is the neuro-pathway that maximizes knowledge's benefits. A powerful action that becomes an incredible force to uplift our life experiences.


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